A recent survey of religious beliefs from members of a very large Lutheran church body revealed the following information:

When asked about the origin of the universe and life, 78 percent expressed a belief in evolution.

It doesn't surprise me that such a large percentage of people sureveyed believe in evolution. That is taught in our public schools starting already in the elementary grades. Public school teachers are viewed by the students as God-like so when they speak it is taken as the absolute truth. Even though the "theory" of evolution is taught it comes across as the "law" of evolution; as something that has been proven, as factual information, so there is no room for discussion. In this regard, our public schools have done our children no favors. In fact, they have acutally undermined the Biblical teachings taught in our Christian churches. The Bible specifically tells us about the origin of the unvierse and life in the book of Genesis, chapters one and two.