Inquiring minds want to know things and so the question "Why?" is often asked. When bad things befall Christians one of the first questions asked is "Why?" Other related questions quickly follow such as: "Why this?" "Why now?" "Why me?"

Why, indeed? Sometimes we Christians ask the wrong questions. We know and believe that God is in charge of the world and our lives.We know and believe that God has a plan for our lives. We know and believe that God's will will be done.

So who are we to question God about how what he wants to do with our lives? Who are we to question how he wants to be involved in our lives and when?

If God's will will be done than can we say that God willed the bad things to happen to us. Absolutely NOT? But he does allow evil to exist in this world and for it to come into our lives. But we have God's promise that he only gives what is best for us. So that means the bas things that befall us are for our good and our job is to discover that good and rejoice in it.