Some parents refuse to take their children to church when their are little so that later, when they are older, they can choose their own religion/church. That very misguided approach to a child's spiritual being is now being carried over to a child's physical being.

Such gender neutral parenting results in gender neutral babies. The infants are never called either a "boy" or "girl." They are never referred to as "he" or "she." Such babies are now being called "They-bies."

Not only are family, friends and outsiders never told the sex of the child. That information is even withheld from the child.

The idea is to shield children from harmful gender sterotypes that hardwire them to be superfeminine girls or supermasculine boys.The "They-bies" are encouraged to dress how they feel and play with gender neutral toys.

All this brings up some interesting questions. At birth the gender of the child is to be entered on the birth certificate. Right now the only shoices are male and female. When the parents start to potty train the child how will that work. Will those with female parts be taught to stand while eliminating? Will those with male parts be taught to sit on the toilet when they elinminate? And what about when they enter school? The schools know of only two genders - male and female.

The theory is that the less "they-bies" know about gender, the less likely they are to be pigeon-holed into a gender binary.

What is our world coming to?